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Assalaamualaikum semua..o ya nak bagitau ni..maybe saya akan tidak melayari blog ini lebih kerap dari sebelumnya sebab agak sibuk dengan program luar..

Anyway, jgn risau sbb saya akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk attend any messages ataupun request n jugak order dari all my lovely present customer n also my customer to be..happy holidays and keep smiling ya!!

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baby Romper

Baby Romper with my handmade button..

This is my latest project..actually have few more project done but too lazy to upload it here..insyaallah next time when I'm in uploading mood I will upload it all..

I have one more project similar to this but using MISC yarn..still long way to go..hihihi
Here I'm using minlon n sakura leftover yarn..since this is my first time attempting this (and dun want my lovely yarn go to waste) and alhamdullillah finally I finish it without any fuss..Thank Allah..

Next time I'll try to upload the pattern too..insyaallah

Okay..any comments will be appreciated. Thank you for reading..May us always in His blessing..Amin.


  1. wah sangat comel lah akak..macam jubah pun ada:-)

  2. thanks amani..ya..mcm jubah pun ada kan..amani cakap baru akak perasan..hihihi..thanks for dropping by ya..