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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tamani Dress


May we always in Allah's Blessing

Alhamdullilah..after 2 days struggling with my twisted circular cord..finally I managed to finished this project (for my wittle girl, Tamani- and the dress named after her..hihii).

This is my 'in between' among my BIG 12 projects..well since i can't take a good grab to my crochet whole wrist n fingers hurts a lot..(due to swellness and aching continously ~ this is common during end of pregnancy period)..sabor je la I have to do knit (since my hand can't stop doing it..hehehe..and it refuse to rest..)

As u can see, i joined both technique crochet and knit..why? hmm simply because i dunno how to do edging in knit..and it seems like the end is in the rolled position...not nice la...hihih..but not to worry, i'll improve in the next project..insyaallah..

I learnt new technique in this projects..such as..k2tog, yo, and ssk...

So this is it...TADA!! (sory bad pic)


  1. Eija, so lovely dress! :)

  2. thanks sindar..hehehe..ko perasan ka tu teknik yang sy ikut tu ko punya baby helena? tapi selalu miscount..hahaha..jadi 2 set jak tap tu knit..n crochet..haha

  3. oooo.. yalah, bila zoom in baru nampak :)
    cantik Eija!

    Yang di bawah tu cmpur crochet kan. Gabungan crochet+knit dalam dress mmg cantik..

    pattern jepun selalu gabung crochet+knit di dress dorang..

    lawa-lawa.. nampak soft+ladies :)

    teringin mau cuba tp blm pandai baca pattern jepun knitting lagi... :(

  4. oo yakah? sy mana tau..x selalu tgk pattern knit jepun..kalo crochet punya pattern sy tau, tapi kalo knit..hmmm..sdg yg abbrevaition pun masih terkial2 ..hahaha..tiapa2..pelan2 kita belajar..

  5. dress cantik. benang pun cantik!!

  6. amani: terima kasih amani...hasil tangan amani pun cantik dan sangat kreatif ..paling suka sbb amani tau teknik mix match colour yang nampak brilliant.

    o ya, benang tu saya beli dari kedai online sindar..nama dia merino magic..

  7. thanks zaza..hehehe...baru belajar sikit2..

  8. sangat cantik..warna pun cantikk..