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Assalaamualaikum semua..o ya nak bagitau ni..maybe saya akan tidak melayari blog ini lebih kerap dari sebelumnya sebab agak sibuk dengan program luar..

Anyway, jgn risau sbb saya akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk attend any messages ataupun request n jugak order dari all my lovely present customer n also my customer to be..happy holidays and keep smiling ya!!

Hugs n Kisses from Alyadi's Collections

Simple HairScarf By Alyadi's Collection Teams

This pattern I draw myself...I dunno if people can understand this..If anyone want to try to crochet this do let me know..of course its for free..:)

This is the overall pattern in diagram...I tried to figure it out in Abbreviation but I'm still learning to get a better understanding in that...:P

This is the description..

P/S: actually I tried to upload more of this pic in different angle but disappointingly my pic not be able to be uploaded ... it took so long,it always stuck in connection time out...:( 

Enjoy..pls email me @