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Assalaamualaikum semua..o ya nak bagitau ni..maybe saya akan tidak melayari blog ini lebih kerap dari sebelumnya sebab agak sibuk dengan program luar..

Anyway, jgn risau sbb saya akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk attend any messages ataupun request n jugak order dari all my lovely present customer n also my customer to be..happy holidays and keep smiling ya!!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

OMG!! Yarns.. is everybody? I'm glad I still can jot a few lines here ... on 2nd day of!! Alhamdullillah..

Okay..nothing much..i just wanna post this..actually I got this yarn on Nov 2011 but I can only upload it today..all due to my broadband prob..soooooooo....slow la..aiyaaa..

Anyways..some of this yarn already been transferred to several projects..(hehehehe..cant see them in yarn form anymore la..)..and I think I already post some of my WIP project using some pf this batch of yarn is it? ya..they are very nice indeed..I love my yarns so much..heheh

Okay my fellow followers...thanks for reading n do leave ur comments on my shout box or simply email me at trl my best to entertain any mail...

Allah The Most Merciful..may He always granted His blessing upon us..amin3x...